Arsenal have good intentions for Hector Bellerin, but the Spaniard what’s to jump at the idea of joining Barcelona and at the price the Catalan giants are offering, why not ship him out?

Arsenal rescued Hector Bellerin from years of being stuck on the benchmark in Barcelona’s academy. Arsene Wenger took him up and gave the chance to prove himself and he took it, ran with it and showed that he was much better than what the La Liga side might have expected.

And through the years, the Spain international has been very good about turning away all approaches from his former side. He has revealed he would not follow in Cesc Fabregas’s footsteps, he said he would reject Barca if they should come calling, he said he was committed to Arsenal and to Arsene Wenger.

Hector Bellerin

That was all fun. It was was fanatic. We were all happy with what he said. But now, one can can tell he’s eyeing a move back to the Barcelona. Bellerin refers to Barca as the best club in the world, also said he was happy that they are interested in him and, lately, Bellerin has said that you never really know what can happen in football. And you know what happens next when a player say such.

Maybe I’m too deeply concerned as a fan, but he is severely letting go his supposed respect for Arsenal and his image as well. What happened to the Spaniard that once hated the Spanish powerhouse? What and who changed his mind? As he been talking about Arsenal the entire time when he continued to deny that he had any interest in returning?

At this stage, it seems like we would be losing Bellerin at some point down the road. Who knows when. That being the subject matter, why not just ship him out no. If Barcelona has reported are willing to cough £45m, I would sell him out and use that money to build the team in more crucial roles.

Because here’s what is likely going to happen, if Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is going to remain at Arsenal, he will challenge Bellerin and probably about half the time, he is going to win. Meanwhile, the Spaniard will be missing out in the Gunners starting XI, coming in as a substitute for the Englishman.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

That would get him frustrated, trust me on this. We’ve seen a lot of this happened in Arsenal, especially with Barcelona promising him a land flowing with milk and honey. Not only that, but it is severely going to his transfer value. He is at the peak of his value, I could bet on that.

That being the case, why not Arsenal just sell him now? They could grab Elseid Hyssj or Alvaro Morata to cover their tracks, let the Ox keep running the right wing and use the profit to invest in a striker. We have tons of them now in the market. At this point, I must say, it disheartened seeing Bellerin get all googly-eyed every time Barca gets mentioned.