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Can Real Madrid Win a Big Title in 2022/23?

The situation is not that easy for Real Madrid right now. While they have one of the best squads and first teams in Europe as of March 4th, 2023, the loss in the last Copa del Rey game against Barcelona made it hard to be sure of a domestic title, especially as they’re 7 points behind Barça in the La Liga classification table right now.

They may have thrashed Liverpool on the road in the first game of the Round of 16 of the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League, but they remain only the third most likely team to win this tournament in the eyes of the betting markets, with odds of 7.0 on average in the European decimal system.

Los Blancos are behind Man City with odds of 3.0 and FC Bayern with odds close to the ones of Madrid in the UCL Outrights betting market.

So the question is simple: if their best shot to win a trophy is now the UCL, and their odds are as big as 7.0, and they would need to win on the road in Catalonia to reach the final of Copa del Rey, will this season be a poor one for Madrid? What do the tipsters for football events expect from them by the end of the ongoing season?

The Issues of Real Madrid

Since the title of Real Madrid in the last season against Liverpool and their La Liga title in the past season, a lot has happened. The departure of Casemiro became a problem when Kross of Modric can’t play a game. Some choices of Carlo Ancelotti are questionable, for example, the use of Nacho when he could use Camavinga as a left-back, something that was clear in the last El Clasico.

Moreover, the issues aren’t set to be solved, in fact, they tend to worsen unless Real Madrid acts with precision in the upcoming transfer window next summer.

Kroos may retire at the end of the season and Modric also doesn’t have a contract beyond 2022/23. The base of the midfield that won so many Champions League titles together with starts like Bale and Ronaldo is now the last sector of the team that will fade leaving only the memories of those glorious days.

Benzema is also ageing, and Vini Júnior may be a wonderful player, but still requires experience teammates on occasion to avoid becoming overly angry about things that he’s right, but he just can’t speak with the referee the way he did in the last Clasico.

I believe the fact that Real Madrid only spent money in the winter on Endrick, a youngster for the future of Los Blancos is questionable at best, because if the departures or retirements of Kroos and Modric are confirmed, Real Madrid will have to rebuild the best sector of the team right now.

Moreover, Asensio may also leave which could potentially worsen the ‘departure of experience’ of this squad. Money may not suffice to keep Real Madrid as a protagonist in 2023/24, the market actions will have to be precise. In Brazil, some rumours mention the possibility of Ancelotti leaving Los Blancos to be the manager of the Brazilian international selection from 2023/24. If that happens, then the summer of Madrid will be both exciting and potentially problematic for the Madridistas. Time will tell what happen!