UEFA Champions League Trophy

The History of the Champions League: Records and Incredible Data

Every football fan loves to think that the game they’re about to watch could end up in the history books of The Beautiful Game. In fact, we had a lot of that recently in The UK, where Liverpool suffered the infamous home loss to Real Madrid. The 2-5 score was their worst loss ever at home in a match valid for the biggest footie competition in the world: The UEFA Champions League.

The horrible loss at home on Feb 21st, however, was just as big in terms of greatness for the footie history books as their big rebound against Man Utd, as they won last Sunday with an amazing result of 7-0.

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The records of the UEFA Champions League

Some stuff is obvious to most fans, like the fact that Real Madrid is the king of the UEFA Champions League with 14 titles, the fact that Liverpool is a great team to bet on the UEFA Champions League historically, even if that tradition in the international scenario doesn’t always translate as domestic triumphs, and the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo boasts the most impressive numbers as the all-time top scorer of the competition with 140 goals, followed by Messi with 129.

Interesting records that not many fans remember are these: the fastest goal in the Champions League history was scored by Roy Makaay while playing for FC Bayern, who scored in just 10 seconds against Real Madrid in 2007. Also, The most goals scored by a team in a single Champions League campaign is 45, a record set by Barcelona during the 1999-2000 season.

British football fans may know this, but many foreigners don’t know that Nottingham Forest won the European Cup twice! That tournament was the predecessor of the UEFA Champions League.

Records like these are an interesting part of our sports memory, but the game also involves moments that are all about sport and aesthetics, like when Gareth Bale scored a bicycle kick goal in the 2018 UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, or when Karius had that infamous night giving the ball for Benzema to score an easy goal.