Chelsea are in a complicated deal with Juventus that could see them benefit from a failed Signing.

Chelsea stand to gain several million pounds should Juventus claim both the Serie A and Champions League titles at the end of the season, due to a conditional obligation in the loan deal of Juan Cuadrado.

The 28-year old transferred to Chelsea from Fiorentina on a contract deal worth £23.3 million in 2015 but he could not find his feet in the Premier League and England. He moved back to Italy on loan in the previous season, Joining Serie A giants Juventus, and the Turin side have managed to sign a deal to buy the full registration rights of Cuadrado from Chelsea for an additional €20 million (or €15 million and €10 million in the second and the third year of loan respectively), after playing a certain number of matches.

Chelsea and Juventus agreed to a three-year loan deal which saw Chelsea earn £4.5 million per season, along with Performance-related bonuses that would come into play when the Old Lady win Trophy.

Juventus are seven points ahead of all title contenders in the Serie A with three more fixtures to play and they are in the Champions League final after humiliating AS Monaco in two legs.

It was understood that Chelsea would get more raise in payments should Juventus emerge victorious in either challenge, and they would be profiting over £24 million from the three years, if all clauses are activated.

If Juventus had performed poorly in the three seasons Cuadrado was with them, then Chelsea would only stand to gain just £13.5 million for the Colombian international.

According to the terms of the loan contract, Chelsea will have no other choice but to recall Cuardrado.