According to reports, Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw has pleaded with Mauricio Pochettino to save him from his misery at Old Trafford.

Luke Shaw is getting more desperate for more playing time and he persistently fights for his place with Blind, Rojo, and Darmian who all ahead of in the pecking order. Even Ashley Young has featured more often than Shaw and this has caused the Englishman to think his time under Jose Mourinho is coming to an end.

Shaw feels he has nothing left to do but to leave Manchester United at the end of the season after he got tongued lashed by Jose Mourinho during the weekend.

Jose is known to be hard on his player and at the beginning of this season, he also attacked Mkhitaryan and Martial same way. Even Juan Mata received similar treatment from him. However, the three players responded with a positive attitude and worked hard to prove their manager wrong but Luke Shaw has chosen to be intimidated by the words of Jose and is hell bent on taking his leave after not being given the opportunity to prove himself on the pitch.

Mourinho earlier insisted that Shaw would be given more playing time but needs to prove he can be relied on. But that has not been the case as Mourinho still places Blind, Rojo, and Darmian above Shaw.

Shaw suffered indignity at the mouth of Jose Mourinho after United’s draw with West Brom, having being exempted from the matchday squad which featured Reserves Midfielder, Matthew Willock.

When asked what he expects from Shaw, to include him in the playing squad, Mourinho replied:

“Who? Luke Shaw? It’s difficult for him to be on the bench because I cannot compare him with Ashley Young, with Darmian, with Blind. I cannot compare the way he trains, the way he commits, the focus, the ambition. I cannot compare. He is a long way behind.”.

The Irony of it was that Shaw, after the goalless draw with WBA, trained with a bunch of players including Paul Pogba and Wayne Rooney on Saturday and simultaneously, Mourinho was degrading him in front of the press

Things seem to have changed from last month when Mourinho claimed Shaw has the potential of becoming a world class left-back in two years’ time.

Jose said: “In practical terms, we have lots of left-backs. It doesn’t look like it but the reality is that Blind, Shaw, Rojo, Darmian are all playing left-back and can play there. They are different players.”

“I think the one that should be in the couple of years the best of all – because potentially he should have all the conditions to be the best of all – is Luke Shaw. By age, by physicality, by intensity, aggressive going forward, he should be the best. But to be the best you need to work hard. It’s what he’s trying to do.”

Luke Shaw last appeared in the United jersey in a draw match against Bournemoth, which saw Zlatan Ibrahimovic getting suspended for his move against Tyrone Mings. At half-time, Shaw was spotted conversing with Mings and this seems to be putting Mourinho’s authority in question. Mings had earlier stamped on Ibrahimovic’s head and got banned for five games by the Football Association for the action.

Luke Shaw has lost control on the situation and it would take a lot of effort on his part to once again regain the trust the tactician once had in him. If not he would have to be hopeful his former manager comes to the rescue but that is not befitting of a man.