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White Hart Lane squad

England had a good time at Wembley on Sunday when they defeated Lithuana 2-0 in their World Cup qualifying match. Jermain Defoe claimed the first goal and Jamie Vardy got the second one.

While the headlines were screeching Defoe’s name, no one seems to take to mind that the goal would not be without the security provided by Eric Dier in the central park of the home side.

The 23-year old defender fell out of favor with the Spurs fans in recent weeks, following some deplorable performance at the backline of the team. However he proved he has more capability playing in the midfield with his amazing display for the Three Lions on Sunday, showing he deserves a place in the Spurs midfield.

Dier has not been deployed to the midfield at the club this season, despite having huge success in the midfield last season. Manager Mauricio Pochettino has chosen to team Mousa Dembele up with Victor Wanyama this season and the duo have been exceptional, providing Dier with no chance in the midfield.

As a result of this, the Englishman have been playing as part of the back three and he has been failing miserably at the back. On Sunday, his flawless display showed he should be returned to the middle of the park where he could be of remarkable influence rather than in the defensive line.

According to the data from stats experts, Dier had the most touch – 117 touches in the clash against Lithuana at Wembley Stadium. His ball possessing skill was unrivaled, completing 100 of his attempted 103 passes – which was the highest pass by any player for the day. The England International also created two-goal scoring chances for his side.

He also did not disappoint when he was required to play in the defensive line as he secured 5 0f the 7 headers he aimed for. He also won 2 of the 4 attempted tackles and he intercepted 2 goals from the opposition.

The win was an effortless one for England but was the much needed platform for Dier to exhibit his talent and show Pochettino the havoc he’s capable of wrecking in the midfield. The performance was a prove that the central park is where Dier’s full potential will be manifested.