Tottenham Hotspur’s Erik Lamela will be sitting out games for the remaining part of the season as he continues to nurse his hip injury.

Coco, as he’s popularly known, started the season on a good note netting two goals and setting up seven goals in 14 appearances. It looked as though he would be stepping up his performance but the Injury dampened his future prospect and he has been unable to get past his current two goals.

His absence in the team left his position vacant as nobody was willing to take up the right wing.

The Argentine winger, who transferred to Tottenham from Roma in 2013 for a deal worth £30milliion, has not appeared for the Spurs since the League Cup defeat by Liverpool at Anfield on October 25 and the club announced he would be taking a trip to Spain to undergo surgery on Saturday.

Spurs wrote on social media: “Erik is to undergo surgery on his hip on Saturday. This will result in Erik returning to action next season.

“The Argentina international has undergone a comprehensive rehabilitation process following the injury in November.

“The player has achieved a good level of function, however he has been unable to reach the stage required to make a full return to training.

“Therefore, following ongoing extensive consultation with specialists, surgery has been agreed by all as the best course of action.”

Lamela wrote on his official Instagram page: “I have to have an operation. I tried everything to recover but unfortunately my hip is still not 100% so I can’t compete at the level I want to.

“I’ll face this challenge with a positive attitude and can’t wait to get back with my team and be stronger. Thanks everyone for your support,” he added.

Lamela’s injury would be a disappointment to Manage Mauricio Pochettino, who has little options for attack in this weekend’s crunch with Burnley.

Harry Kane is also on an injury spell while substitute back-up striker Vincent Janssen is out with illness.