Newcastle United are a club with high reputation and were once one of the biggest clubs in England. They have now lost their dominance and are now currently playing the Champions League but they are expected in the Premier League next season as they are presently the Champions leader with one point ahead of Brighton who occupies second position.

Signing Rafael Benitez to manage the club was one of this season’s highlight for them. When he joined the Magpies, it was too late to avoid relegation, and now he is building up the team in preparation for the next Premier League season.

Benitez is not known for being the best administrator but he has been praised for his tactical acumen. Newcastle might need to spend heavily to sign new players when they get promoted to the Premier League but that would not be a problem as they are the 21st richest club in the world. Despite their failings in recent times, they have managed to retain their wealth.

The 56-year-old has loaned out some of his top players and they are all playing in top division of various leagues. We can only conclude he made the decision either to make his top players remain in top positions to keep from losing form or to recheck their playing positions once they’re back to the club.

With Benitez in charge, changes are meant to happen. Benitez is a firm believer of squad rotation and zonal marking, he often plays key players in unorthodox position to suit his preferred formation of 4-2-3-1. With his tactic, his squad are always known for their defensive nature and low number of goals scored against them.

Given the amount of money he would have access to, and as he is a man who knows the difference between quality players and exaggerated talents, he is bound to make some good signings.

Tactically the Spaniard is not inferior to any Premier League managers and If he is given a free hand, he definitely would be the one to take Newcastle back to their former glory.