So much have always been expected of Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, probably because he is the son of Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel who was also a keeper. At the initial stage of his career, he found it difficult living up to his father’s legacy but with time he grew into himself and now the Leicester City’s team is incomplete without him.

The Premier League title holders, this season, have been inconsistent and now sits close to the relegation zone. The entire squad are confused and unsure of what to do to avoid the demotion to the Championship caused by their poor form.

The 30-year-old recently who was honored as Denmark’s no.1 choice shot stopper still has his career ahead of him and many top clubs would be glad to have him.

Kasper might not measure up to his father but he is gradually becoming a man of himself. Liverpool and Arsenal are some of the big clubs hoping to sign him. He would be of importance to the Reds as they have had many difficulties with their goalkeepers this season with both Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius being given equal opportunities but making costly mistakes, none better than the other.

With this chain of poor form from both keepers, signing a goalkeeper of Kasper’s prowess would bring harmony to the team and reinforce their defence.

Kasper would be a step up to both Karius and Mignolet. The duo are undoubtedly good shot stoppers but they are by no means qualified to lead a team. They do have a long way off to achieving the level of skill Liverpool are in dire need of. Kasper could be all the Reds need to get past being continually defeated.

Leicester could prove to be a huge success in Championship but it is too late to have any Premier League title hopes. If Schmeichel should decide to leave the team, Liverpool should be his first choice as he is more needed there.