Jose Mourinho is reportedly looking for an escape route out of Manchester United. The former Inter Milan is frustrated with life at the club and at Manchester as a city.

The Portuguese coach is already experiencing his usual third season syndrome just six months into his reign at Old Trafford. This is not the Mourinho United hierarchy appointed. He has led the club to a worst position than it met them.

His tactics have failed him, apparently let down by his players, results are not forthcoming, everyone else is to be blamed except himself, life at Manchester is not like in London. In fact he is experiencing the worst and the most challenging of his managerial career till date. To him he is managing the unluckiest team in the Premier League.

He was sent off for the second time within one month in the 1-1 draw against West Ham in the Premier League when Paul Pogba was booked for diving and has been given one-match touchline ban with a £16,000 fine.

United chiefs would be wishing they had not appointed him. He has dragged them into the mud already and according to football pundit Tony Gale Mourinho is looking for a way out of the club with his touchline antics.

Well, that would have been childish of him if that is exactly what he is aiming at. He could have discussed that with his employers but he wouldn’t want to be seen as a failure. He is egocentric and his track record of success is part of what is affecting him negatively. Forgetting the facts that there times a person experience a downturn.

Probably, if he resigns he won’t be compensated but if he was sacked the club will compensate him; trying to play smart.