Football is a popular sport since the 1800s which originated in England and until now it’s still one of the most sought-after sports of all time. Nobody knows when football betting started but it was banned before the 1960s and was done in criminal safe houses or on the streets. Football became legal in the 1960 Act which was followed by the opening of betting shops.

Online sports wagering was started in 1996 by InterTops, a platform that offers sports fans to wager on their favorite teams. This happened two years after online casinos took off in 1994 by Microgaming software from the Isle of Man.

Currently, online casinos are famous for virtual gaming because of their convenience, loads of bonuses, and flexibility in the payment scheme. Right now Kasinohai one of the leading betting sites from Finland introduced pay n play casino to make bettors betting experience more flexible and hassle-free. This is a new type of online wagering scheme with the collaboration of Trustly [a leading online banking payment system from Finland] using your BankId. The player can transact money from their personal bank to the casino site without registering. Pay n Play casino is quick, efficient, and safe so many punters are using this online gambling scheme. If interested, you may visit the site indicated.


All about Football Betting

Many punters are enticed in betting football online because of the thrill of the outcome of the game and of course the winning prize once the team that you placed a bet on wins. Many make a reservation with the sportsbook months before the said game starts

Bookmakers usually set the odds and offer a particular ratio to the stake and the winnings in case punters might want to bet on it.


Tips on finding Football Betting Site

The internet is swarmed with numerous online betting sites hence finding a decent sportsbook can be quite challenging. Here are some practical tips which could help you find a better betting site.

  • Motivates new and regular players by offering perks.
  • A huge range of betting odds
  • Duly licensed sportsbook
  • Offers live football matches

Popular types of bets

Ø Bet builder

Also called same game multi, these are bets which accumulate outcomes from a single match. Most punters place small stake bets at bigger odds by blending the numerous outcomes like the corners and goal scorers and the yellow cards.


Ø Match Bet

Punters can wager on the three outcomes – the home team to win, the away team to win or the draw.


Ø Player Props

It is also known as player stats and these are bets which will occur during the game.


Ø Asian Handicap Bet

This is a form of betting in which teams are handicapped so that a stronger team wins.

Punters who are into sports bet on football because of the many advantages and higher chances of winning. The following is the guide for signing up on a football betting site.

o  Check the football site you wish to register

o  Click the register button and fill it up

o  Some security questions will be asked by the site so take note of this because you might need it in the future.

o  Make a username and provide the site with your password

o  If you receive a bonus code, consider yourself lucky. Use that code to verify the username that you give to the site and automatically the code will be activated for you to use it in the future during your gaming.

o, Click agree to the terms and conditions along with your age [for the site to know if you’re of legal age to wager or not].


Final Insight:

Betting in sports is as exciting as playing on the field. The outcome is unpredictable therefore an expert sports bettor must know which team they should place a bet on