AC Milan fans were happier than ever when they saw one of the most legendary and beloved player, Ricardo Kaka in their club’s history return to San Siro stadium on Thursday night.

Brazilian playmaker Ricardo Kaka has made an emotional comeback to Milan after he retired from football earlier this year, and has been treated by Milan and supporters like a true hero.

In a moving moment, Kaka was largely applauded when give Milan’s number 22 jersey during the half-time break of Rossoneri’s 5-1 win against FK Austria-Wiendur, which secured their qualification to the last 32 stage in Europa League.

Now Kaka’s given his fans a further reason to hail him as he admitted to being considering a job at the Rossoneri club.

“I need to sort out my personal situation first,” he told Sky Sport Italia. “I’ve given myself a few months to decide what I need to do.

“I did not want to decide before the end of the season and I want to make up my mind with calm. Then, if I do decide to stop playing, I will consider my future.”

Ricardo Kaka

As Kaka walked in the centre of San Siro near the balcony where he presented his Ballon d’Or in 2007, he said: “Certainly Milan are a possibility, especially now the doors are open for me. My relationship with this club is excellent. It’s an indescribable emotion for me to be here in Milan these days, I can’t explain it.

“I’m loving being in the city and it’s bringing back lots of memories of my life and my career. It’s hard to explain.”

Kaka joining AC Milan’s board would certainly boost the club’s confidence and couldn’t be of any damage for fans and players, who are looking for a leader during the club’s difficult moment.

“The fans need to stay by Milan’s side,” he said. “The club is new now and in a new situation and we need to support and believe in them. Of course, everybody wants to see Milan winning in Italy and in Europe. They have a good young team.”