Welcome to another article and this time it’s time to test your knowledge of the Premier League. With the 2023-24 season underway, we’ve crafted a quiz that includes 1 question for each of the 20 top-flight clubs.


The questions range from memorable players, historic matches and iconic players, along with some fun trivia. This Premier League quiz is guaranteed to test how well you know one of the world’s most famous leagues. 


Join us on this enlightening journey through the Premier League, where you’ll gain a deeper knowledge of each team in the 2023-24 season.


Thanks to our friends at Footy Trivia for providing us with the Football Quizzes. Without further ado, grab yourself a pen and paper, take the quiz and scroll to the end for the answers. Good luck!




  1. In 2003-04, Arsenal made Premier League history by going unbeaten for a season. How many games was the entire run?


  1. Which English striker did Aston Villa sign in the summer of 1997?


  1. Which European club-inspired AFC Bournemouth to change their kit to red and black stripes?


  1. Who did Brentford sign Ivan Toney from? 


  1. What type of bird is featured on the Burnley badge?


  1. Who did Roberto De Zerbi manage before Brighton & Hove Albion?


  1. How many times have Chelsea won the Premier League? 


  1. Which Portuguese team’s badge inspired the current Crystal Palace crest?


  1. Who did Everton sell Romelu Lukaku to?


  1. What is the name of the stadium of Fulham?


  1. Who wore the Liverpool number 8 shirt before Steven Gerrard?


  1. Who scored the winning penalty for Luton Town to gain them promotion to the Premier League?


  1. Who scored the 94th minute winning goal for Manchester City against QPR in 2012?


  1. Ryan Giggs is the leading appearance maker for Manchester United. How many times did he play?


  1. How many goals did all-time top goalscorer Alan Shearer score for Newcastle United?


  1. Which team is considered the oldest and fiercest rivals of Nottingham Forest?


  1. What is the classic nickname of Sheffield United?


  1. What sport was Tottenham Hotspur first associated with? 


  1. What year did West Ham United move into the London Stadium?


  1. Who won Player of the Year for Wolverhampton Wanderers in both 2019 & 2020?




  1. 49
  2. Stan Collymore
  3. AC Milan
  4. Peterborough United
  5. Stork
  6. Shakhtar Donetsk
  7. 5 times
  8. Benfica
  9. Manchester United
  10. Craven Cottage
  11. Emile Heskey
  12. Dan Potts
  13. Sergio Aguero
  14. 963
  15. 206
  16. Derby County
  17. The Blades
  18. Cricket
  19. 2016
  20. Raúl Jiménez


Thanks for taking our “Question For Every Team” Premier League quiz. How many answers did you get correct? Only a true expert can score over 15! 


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