This month has been miserable for Liverpool but they have managed to stay close to qualifying for the Championship League. The Reds are not at their best this season and can only hope to upgrade their poor run of result. Only few of their players have lived up to expectation while the others are just overrated talents. Here are two players who seriously need to step up their game:

Dejan Lovren:

The Croatian joined the squad at Anfield in 2014 but he is yet to win the favor of the supporters. His major highlight during the whole of two season was when he scored a stoppage-time winning goal in a 4–3 Europa League quarter-final win over Borussia Dortmund at Anfield  last season. Although he is part of the first team, he cannot be relied on for a long time. His career at the club is filled with high-profile errors and he is not the player that can help Liverpool claim the League title. Despite being one of the most expensive signings he might not have a long future at the club.

Emre Can:

The German midfielder joined Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers amidst anticipation from fans expecting to be the best player in Liverpool and his ability to play in different positions ignited the interest of the supporters and hoped he would be of great benefit to Jurgen Klopp’s side. But now, he has fallen below expectation so much that  fans now detest seeing making the first team. At 22-year-old, Can still has most of his career ahead of him and still has room for improvement. He gave Klopp his first goal at Anfield but has been inconsistent since he joined the club. Despite his poor form he has caught the attention of some club in Turin. Klopp’s faith in Can shows in his system of team selection as he always makes the first team but he is yet to prove his worth with the team and until then he remains dispensable.