Tottenham’s Mousa Dembele remains optimistic that if his side do not back-down, they would outrun Chelsea and win the Premier League title.

Spurs has been unable to claim the title since their first win in 1961, finishing in the third position last season after losing four of their final five matches.

Tottenham’s dream of winning the Premier League crown was thrown off in a 2-2 draw against Chelsea last May, but the Spurs seems ready to step up their game this season.

Presently the Spurs are nine points behind the league leaders and second-in-line for the title. The midfielder in an interview with Sky Sport News HQ says: “I think if we end up in the same situation, maybe we can do something special compared to last year,”

“It is difficult to tell, but we have this feeling that we can do something of course.

“I think personally that I and most of us learned from last year. But it’s a difficult thing, you need to be in that situation again to see if we have outgrown that.

“There is a very good vibe, there’s a difference compared to last year, so yes I think we can do something special in the same situation.

The Belgian was lucky to escape serious injury after he had a collision with Sunderland midfielder Jack Rodwell in the first half of Tuesday 0-0 draw at the Stadium of light.

Rodwell was booked for an early tackle on Dembele, kicking the French midfielder on the knee as he broke but Dembele believes he should have been sent off the pitch.

“When I saw the images as well, in my opinion the referee was close enough but we have to respect his decision,” the 29-year-old said.

“Of course, for me there were a few challenges in the game that I felt could have been more [than a yellow].”