Real Madrid defeated Malaga this Saturday by the difference of one goal, but does this mean that their La Liga woes are over? It was certainly a respite for the side after winning by 3-2 against Malaga, still it does not seem like they are placed in a comfortable position by this win. This season has seen one of the worst starts for the Real side who look like they are under enormous pressure at the moment.

Their domestic games are becoming far more stressful for them than ever before, with every coming fixture a new source of pressure for the unlucky side. They seem to either lack the ability to score or keep the opposite side from scoring. In the match against Malaga, it looked like they were unable to stop their opponent from scoring. Although they scored three goals to win in the end, still they gave out two goals against the eighteenth ranked team in the LaLiga table who were almost relegated to the Segunda Division.

This season is considered to be the worst start for the club since the era of Jose Mourinho in 2012. The team won only three matches out of the seven games at the Bernabeu with a defeat to their disappointment as well. It was far from what most punters would have expected since they had such a brilliant record in the recent past. It is uncertain how the team is going to perform in the coming matches, therefore caution should be exercised by punters; caution in terms of who they are betting on and where they are placing their bets. You can visit the leading betting sites for football betting in the UK to view the most credible sites who offer the best user experience and give free bets as well as betting odds.

It was far from the case last term when we saw one of the best performances by the club. They easily won their matches last season and even managed towin the Champions League title in the end. Compared with the last season, Real Madrid’s performance looks very disappointing this season. Their arch rival Barcelona is leading with eight points at the table, while Valencia is placed second and they are having to fight vigorously with Atletico Madrid for the third place with both having same points at the moment.

Now looks like even the fans are starting to get restless with the performances of their club. Now every missed opportunity or poor shot is met with sounds of fury and frustration by the fans, especially so in the case of certain players. It looks like even the refereeing decisions are going against the side which have prompted Florentino Perez to raise his concerns on two occasions with the league.

And last season, we saw rotation as one of the big strengths of the Madrid team. This season, it does not look like the case at all. Zidane does not have much options and the advantage of rotation to keep his star players fresh is lost for him due to injuries in the team. The players are having to play most of the matches and fatigue looks like an expected trouble ahead.

After the Girona defeat, it was expected that they will pull off something good against Tottenham in the Champions League at Wembley. However, they lost with the dismal figures of 3-1 against the Spurs in the Champions League.

And after their huge victory over APOEL with the massive score of 6-0, it wasn’t unrealistic to expect from Real Madrid to outshine easily against the Andalusian side as well. However, their win wasn’t as satisfactory as it should have been.

Despite the recent failures, their manager Zinedine Zidane seems confident that his team will come good again by the season’s end, and who is not much worried by the poor start that they have got. And it is not to say that there were not any positive sides to the win for them against Malaga. They earned the much needed three points. And we saw the star player Cristiano Ronaldo finally able to put the ball in the net after four outings without any score.

Very promising news for the Real side is the return of their superstar Gareth Bale in the team. He is expected to be featured in the match against Fuenlebrada in the Copa del Rey. It had been two months since he was out of the team due to injury. It will be a big boost for Zidane’s team whose return might revive the team into full form.

It is the worst start for the club this season since the era of Jose Mourinho in 2012. The team won only three matches out of the seven games at the Bernabeu with a defeat to their disappointment as well. However, it is possible that the Real side might show some magic for their upcoming matches.