If reports making the rounds that claim Arsenal are reportedly set to submit a £100 million plus plus Olivier Giroud for Kylian Mbappé. Here are three reasons why, the 18-year-Old still worth it.

According to a report in the Evening Standard, Arsenal are preparing a second bid for Kylian Mbappé after seeing their first offer of £87 million bid rejected by Monaco. From same report, it went on revealing that the Gunners will come with an improved bid of £100 million with Olivier Giroud.

That might seem like a hefty price to pay for an 18-year-Old, but here are three reasons why, ridiculous though it may seem, the Frenchman is still worth the investment.

3. Market forces dictate as such

Unfortunately, football is as much a business as it is a sport. As such, when it comes to club buying and selling of players, very much like businesses of the more traditional sense, it the market forces that often determine how much the price would be. In this case, it is a rather hefty force upwards.

Given recent historical transactions for some of the world’s top players – £90 million for Paul Pogba and Garett Bale, £80 million for Cristiano Ronaldo, £76 million for Gonzalo Higuain – and Mbappé, either its right or wrong, is certainly considered a player of that level, then £100 million suddenly s end a whole lot more reasonable.

Put in very simple logic: the demand for players of his like is extremely high and the supply is extremely low. That means that a premium must be paid for any potential buyers. Unfortunately for the Gunners, and however ridiculous this may seem, £100 million is merely the going rate.

2. Attackers are the most important players

Some will claim that defensively minded players are often overlooked when it comes to rewarding for brilliantly performances. Rarely do they bag the Player of the Month awards. Rarely do we say them winning the PFA Player of the Year awards. In fact, since Fabio Cannavaro in 2006, no defender has won the Ballon D’Or.

They are simply not recognized in the same way that their attacking teammates do. And while there is a definite spurning of quality defending in the media and among fans, it shows there is quite a simple reason why attackers are the more celebrated players because they’re important.

Ultimately, winning football games requires two things: scoring and stopping goals. The former of the two is far more difficult than the latter. There are not much players capable of creating and scoring goals at the highest level. As such, by simple logic, the players who can suddenly far more expensive.

That is the type of player that Mbappé is. Not only is he a prolific goal scorer, but he is also a goal creator. His speed create chances for him and his teammates; his direct styles causes havoc for defenders that other players cannot replicate. He is an all-round threatening, ruthless, vicious attacker, and for that, any club interested in him must break the bank.

1. Mbappe is a generational talent

Players as talented as Mbappé do not come cheap. He has been tipped to his hero, Thierry Henry, and as soon as you watch him play, it is immediately clear why such comparisons have been made.

What is evident is his play is his searing pace. Mbappé is quick. And not just in a straight line over a long distance. He has the sharpness and the agility to turn quickly, finding spaces, exploiting acute angles, spinning in and out of trouble with the ball at his feet.

But more than sheer speed, Mbappe is ruthless in front of goal. He has an extremely calm head, is willing to take his time and think about the finish. He also makes the right runs at the right time. He doesn’t always look for the ball to feet and is often wanting to utilise his pace and spin in behind opposing defences.

Mbappe is a truly generational talent. He has all the tools, physical, mental and technical, to emulate his hero. And I don’t think you’ll find many Arsenal fans not willing to pay £100 million for the reincarnation of Thierry Henry. It may sound ridiculous, but Mbappe might just be worth it.