Since Harry Kane made his first appearance in the Premier League as an 18-year-old in August 2012, he has a record of 78 goals in 113 Premier League appearances for Tottenham Hotspur. It is an outstanding record that places him on the same pedestal with the very best strikers in Europe. The season, Kane was awarded the Golden Boot, an award meant for highest top scorer in England, for the second consecutive time after scoring 29 goals in 30 league appearances, which helped Spurs to a top four finish directly behind the league champions Chelsea. Still though, there are naysayers who take Kane’s achievement as nothing.

Statistics can sometimes give the wrong information in football. However, it is impossible to discredit the numbers behind Kane’s rise to prominence. As a striker, goals are what he deals with, and in that regard, he has not competition domestically. No Premier League has scored as much as Kane has since his first league start for Spurs back in 2014. Not Sergio Aguero, Not Romelu Lukaku, not even Diego Costa has been able to beat him to the net. Initially, his performance was thought to be a fluke that would pass after just one season, but he has proved everyone wrong as he has broken the 20-goal barrier in three campaigns in a row. This was accomplished despite injuries that threatened to cut short his progress.

Indeed, this season, the England international recorded a better goals ratio (one every 87 minutes) than some of the biggest name in Europe, including the likes of Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski. Kane, who displays his skills in arguably the most competitive League in Europe, had to endure two injury spell on the treatment table due to ankle injury, which was the main reason Spurs could not beat Chelsea to the Premier League title. Nevertheless, the injuries did not stop Kane, who ended the season in a spectular way with seven goals in their last two fixtures.

So what is about Kane that causes his achievement to be criticized by some? The Chingford-born star is not flamboyant, and it is quite obvious in his playing style. Outside the playing field, Kane is content to fade into the background and is happier in the golf course than displaying for the paparazzi in nightclubs. On the pitch, his work rate is amazing. There are no hidden secret – who he is what you see. Kane is strong and with quick reflex, but his ability in front of goal is his greatest asset. It is no secret that can prefers to shoot from any angle on the pitch, but opposing team cannot halt his move.

Maybe the fact that he is a product of Spurs academy, rather than a product of big money clubs abroad, is the reason for the skepticism. Even Mauricio Pochettino initially had doubts, and was reluctant in choosing Kane over Roberto Soldado for the first team. It was after he witnessed Kane perform in the Europa League that he became convinced he made the right choice.

After he received the Golden boot for 2016-17, Kane made a tweet which made fun if ill words said about his credentials. Obviously, he is not one to fly off the handle at such spiteful opinion, but now the doubters needs to take his record for what they are. At just 23, Kane is on his way to set a new record in history. Overshadowing Alan Shearer’s total of 260 Premier League goals, which tops the all-time list, is a realistic dream. Kane has often been compared to Shearer. It would be fitting if, years from now, it is he who beats the set record.