Chelsea’s Diego Costa is one of those players that everyone but the Blues fans loves to hate.  That’s just been the nature of the Spaniard. However, recently, his drop of form has to be a concern to the Stamford Bridge faithfully and everyone involved with the West London club. We take a look at just what is happening with the former Atletico Madrid star.

Before the start of the year, the Brazilian born striker was fans favorite to win the “Premier League Player of the Year” award. However, over the last few months, the former Rojiblancos star has been nothing short of horrendous. Luckily for the Blues, Eden Hazard and the rest of his teammates front line has stepped up when it matters most.

For me, Costa problems started coming into fruition right around the time when the forward was trying his best to push for a move back to his former side in January. I just didn’t see any point in causing such disruption in the middle of the season, and obviously, he didn’t get the move to his former side. A huge amount of credit has to go to the Blues manager Antonio Conte by the way because he wasn’t going to be bullied by Costa. In fact, Conte dropped him from a match day squad until the player came back to the jefe in attempt to make things work out. That’s incredible, I admire that.

Just taking a look back at some of the highlights from the first half of this season, this attitude was the calmest I’ve ever seen Diego Costa. He was using that aggression in the right manner, by absorbing it and making it turned into goals and assists that were greatly benefiting his team. At times, the Spaniard carried the Stamford Bridge club through games, and in fact, fourteen of his seventeen league goals came in the first half of the season; he’s only bagged three goals since the turn of the year.

It just feels as though Costa’s one of those footballers that are so stubborn, once their mind is made up nothing can be done to change it. In this limelight, I just don’t get it. Costa’s well on the way to becoming a Premier League champions for the second time in three years, so why not be happy about that? Instead, Costa’s walking around the park at times like a sulking child.

Base on my opinion, this all came gushing out during Blues clash against Manchester City on Wednesday. His tackle on Vincent Kompany was horrendous, and how the Football Association came to the decision of punishing him is beyond me. The Spaniard is a tacking time bomb, and once he flops, there is absolutely no coming back from that for him for the duration of that particular game.

With his prowess so prominent in the modern game, he should be giving it his absolute all from now until the end of May. There’s no doubts that he wants it bad enough, he’ll get a move away from Stamford Bridge in the summer. Heck, what’s there to be mad about? He’s earns an absolute fortune and his team are quite comfortably the best in the land right now.

My question is, surely the so-called ‘top clubs’ will be put off by this mercenary attitude and the fact that he sometimes doesn’t help his teammates out due to his fiery temper. Will Atletico Madrid take him back? Probably, but I simply cannot see a Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona or Real Madrid coming calling, and are Atleti really better than Chelsea? I’d say probably not.

It’s so frustrating because I really like him as a player when he’s on form. Quite frankly, he’s unstoppable. I guess it’s just the attitude of the man, and only he can change that.