Mesut Ozil under performance has been a source of concern at Arsenal. Ozil has not been provided with any assists during their most important matches and as a result of this, the play maker is losing it. He seems to be suffering from lack of confidence

Wenger’s partial treatment of Ozil.

Arsene Wenger revealed to the press that he has no clue what caused the drop-off in Ozil’s play.

Wenger on the other hand has been nonchalant towards the lackluster performance of the German. Ozil was given a two weeks off at the beginning of the year, having been struggling with flu-like symptoms which saw him absent for the FA Cup fifth round tie against Sutton United.

There have been talks of bad feelings in some parts of the Gunners dressing room arising due to special treatment given to Ozil.

The German and his personal team have had to endure them disapproval from pundits and fans for his under performance with his agent Dr Erkut Sogut even going as far as making excuses for him in public following the 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena.

Mourinho’s face-off with Ozil.

Ozil has always had affinity for picking up minor ailments. He was again sent off the training ground on Wednesday following another flu attack and faces a race against time to be fit for the trip to Anfield.

No matter which way the situation is viewed from, Wenger is not getting a return on the funds invested on the Midfielder.

Ozil obviously holds Wenger in high regards, putting into account that Ozil decided to wait till Wenger’s future at the Emirates is certain before he decides on whether to stay on in the club.

Ozil’s time at Real Madrid was much better and in his recently published autobiography “The Magic of the Game” which contain some insightful revelations for these times, he hinted that he prefers to be under the tutelage of Mourinho to be at his best.

“You think two nice passes are enough”, Mourinho shouts at Ozil during one half-time break. “You feel too classy to go into duels. You think you’re that good that you can do it at 50 per cent.”

“If you’re that good, go play yourself”, Ozil replied and pulled off his shirt. “Here you go, put it on.”

“You’re such a coward,” says Mourinho, right to the playmaker’s face. “What do you want? Do you want to go hide under the nice warm shower? Do you want to do your hair? Do you want to be alone? Or do you want to prove to your team mates and the fans what you can do?”

“Go! Cry!”, Mourinho continues. “You’re such a baby. Go take a shower. We don’t need you.”

There is hardly any similarities between Mourinho and Wenger and it is quite unbelievable that the Frenchman could have such face-off with Ozil in the Arsenal dressing room.


“I understood why Mourinho screamed at me like that in front of the other players,” Ozil later writes. “Actually, it was quite easy to understand. He told me loud and clear: Mourinho never wanted me to rest! “That I get out of my comfort-zone on the pitch. He wanted to strengthen me. He wanted to push me so far that my development as a player was never going to stop.

“Looking back now, Mourinho was right. When I came to Madrid, I had this attitude that playing well was sufficient. I was satisfied too quickly. Mourinho drove that attitude out of me.”

Ozil needs to show that Mourinho’s outburst had an impact on him. The German needs the control of a firm coach to get back in pace. That could be the point he makes a turnaround.