Champions League Match Ball

Although gambling is based on luck and cannot tell when you will win, there are ways to ensure that you have a good betting history. For instance, when you bet on NASCAR odds, you can always research drivers, cars, and tracks, using stats, trends, and performances to predict how it can go.

You can translate this strategy into soccer betting by sticking to top teams that have shown a consistent level of performance over the years. Even though they won’t win every time, you can get a solid win rate, putting you in a good position long-term. So, here are ten soccer teams that you can back whenever you want to place bets on soccer teams.

Bayern Munich

The German Champions and current Bundesliga league leaders have one of the best win records in Europe. The team is known for long winning streaks and impressive performance, whether in the domestic league or continental cup tournaments. If you will back any soccer, one undeniable choice is Bayern Munich. The team will surely give a good return on investment.


Following Bayern, Ajax is king in the Netherland Eredivisie. The team has a solid record that they almost always the favorite to win matches. Although sometimes they do not perform to expectations, you will still get an excellent return when you back as they will certainly win more than they will lose or draw combined in a season.

Paris Saint Germain

PSG has become a powerhouse in France, and with their current star-studded team, they are favorites in every matchup. With a front three of Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe, it’s hard not to see why they are one of the top teams to back in Europe. Even though they fall short of expectations in some games, the team’s winning record is up to standard and impressive.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s Spanish giants and powerhouse have always been a dominant force in La Liga and Europe. If you mention top teams across Europe, Real Madrid takes center stage almost every time. Even as they are below their usual standard, the team continues to carve out wins against opponents in the league and champions league.


Like Real Madrid, Barcelona is another top Spanish side that you should back whenever you want to place bets on top teams. Barcelona is still a force in La Liga, although the team is going through a rebuilding phase. Even though the chances of winning the league are slim, we might just see a miracle happen. 


The current European and World Champions is a team you should put in your bets. After the change in management, the team became a solid side with impressive stats. So, you might want to consider that when you bet on the team.

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City is one of the most dreaded teams across Europe. With their sleek and impressive playing style, any team they face finds it hard to break them down. So, it is rare to see them lose a match, especially in the English Premier League. Therefore, they are a good choice to add to your list.


Jurgen Klopp has transformed Liverpool into what it used to be, a force to reckon with in England and Europe. There are only a few teams that can currently rival Liverpool. So, we recommend adding them to your bet as the team provides an excellent potential to win more. 


Scottish giants Rangers are one of the best teams in Scotland, and they have an excellent record in the league. The team might have been in the shadows of main rivals, Celtic, for many years, but they are currently one team you should consider betting on. 


Undoubtedly, the best team in Scotland. Celtic also has European pedigree, giving them an edge over other teams in the Scottish league. So, if you want to bet on teams across Europe, Celtic should be part of your bets.

Bottom Line

Betting on soccer can be tricky. However, if you want to get a good return on investment, you need to consistently back the solid teams. In that case, we have put together ten teams we believe to be the best options for you to consider. But remember that you can’t control the outcome, so bet responsibly.