UEFA Champions League Trophy

The international break is one aspect of soccer that many fans dread globally. Although they get to see their country in action, it is usually a snooze-fest, except when there are prestigious competitions like the Euros, World Cup, Gold Cup, CONMEBOL competition, etc. In that case, it is incredibly exciting.

Most fans switch to playing online casino games during regular international breaks, not knowing they can take advantage of the easy matchups. When there isn’t much at stake, the favorites almost always win. So, if you want to start betting on international breaks, this is the guide for you. Let’s dive right in! 

Know the Individual Matchups

There are usually many matchups cramped inside a few days. So, you might not be able to know all the games available. However, you can always pick a few games and get in-depth knowledge. That way, you will know what you are looking at before betting.

You need to know if the games are competitive or friendlies. Knowing this would let you know the team and coaching staff’s level of involvement in the games, and you can bet accordingly. 

Research the Teams

Once you’ve picked the matchups you want to focus on, you need to research the teams involved. You want to tell who is the favorite and the underdogs. To do this, you might want to research the teams’ performances over a period and their squad list. 

The country with the most stars is almost always the favorite to win. In that case, you want to back them in your bet. For instance, if France is playing Lithuania, it is obvious that France is more likely to win because they have a better run of form and can field better players. 

Back the Favorites

It is hard for the clear favorites to lose when it comes to international friendlies. They usually have stronger and better players. Since there isn’t anything to fight for, the underdogs do not put in too much work to win the game. So, if you want to win more of your bets, you need to back the favorites. 

However, suppose it is a competitive international match, like a qualifying round or cup competition. In that case, you should ensure that you do more research because the supposed underdogs might be in flying form. In this case, you need to apply standard betting tips before you bet. 

Split your Bet

When you want to bet on these games, you need to know that not all the favorites would perform up to par. So, you might want to avoid putting all of them in one slip, so there isn’t any problem. You should learn the art of splitting bets once you’ve completed your predictions.

When you want to split your bet, you need to devise a strategy because you can truly tell which team would be the “Judas” on the list. So, you can split it in twos or half, depending on your bankroll.

Find the Right Sportsbook to Place Your Bet

Now that you know what to do when you want to be on various international breaks, you need to find the right sportsbook covering the games. Not to worry, most soccer betting sites will provide international break games. 

So, if you are already a member of one, you can easily start betting as soon as you like. All you need to do is head to the sports section, click on the international tab, and start placing your bets. Once you are done, you are good to go.

Betting Tips

Like every soccer event you can bet on, you need to learn some tips and strategies before betting. In that case, you might want to start by having a budget for the international break and taking the step to create a betting plan.

You don’t want to spend all your bankroll on these games because some of them can be tricky. So, you should learn how to split your wager amount across bets. Also, you might want to bet on live games to tell how motivated the players are and if they are motivated enough.