Soccer is among the world’s most popular sport, with thousands of professional and amateur leagues globally. The game attracts large audiences from all walks of life, with millions of punters wagering on different outcomes. Fortunately, soccer betting is generally straightforward even for beginners, with sites like Betway offering solid odds and many opportunities to turn a profit. 

This beginner’s guide to soccer betting will help you have fun with soccer betting and give you a better chance of success in the game. 

Understanding The Basics Of Soccer Betting

While experienced punters skip this step, beginners must understand all the rules before placing a wager. For starters, all the soccer bets feature the same three components, including:

  1. Selection – That simply means the option you’re choosing to wager on or the outcome you think will occur. For instance, you can decide to select the number of achievable goals, the final score, or the winning team. However, there are lots of different selections to choose from in an online bookie like Betway. 
  2. Stake – That’s the amount of money you’re planning to wager on your selection. For instance, if you plan to bet $100 on an outcome, then your stake is $100. That means high stake punters wager large sums of money on a single bet. 
  3. Odds – In theory, the odds signify the likelihood of an event occurring during a game. They also determine the amount of cash you’ll receive from your bets when the outcome selected occurs. 

Choosing Betting Markets

With hundreds of online soccer betting selections available for you to wager, most beginners make the mistake of choosing any outcome with solid odds. It’s advisable to understand the types of bets available and concentrate on a few markets to increase your chances of turning a profit. You might feel tempted to place various wagers on different leagues, but that’s rarely a good approach for beginners. 

When choosing the betting markets to concentrate on, start with the leagues you’re most knowledgeable in and the games you love watching. You can also start with the most popular soccer leagues globally, although everything is all about personal preference. 

Understanding The Key Factors That Influence Soccer Games

With online soccer betting, your chances of winning depend on how accurately you can calculate possible outcomes. However, you must understand the different factors that can impact a soccer game to predict an outcome accurately. These factors include the teams; current form, play styles, weather, schedules, injuries and suspensions, discipline, motivation and psychology, head-to-head records, and overall team quality. 

Of course, knowing the factors that affect the soccer games isn’t enough. You must understand how each of them affects the soccer games, and you must learn how to assess all of them effectively. That requires analyzing and interpreting the relevant information related to a game and using it to make informed decisions. However, that can be challenging for some players. 


Besides learning how to analyze different games and use the data available to make accurate predictions, you must learn how to avoid basic mistakes. That’s because most beginners lose their stake by making basic mistakes that could be avoided easily.