The 28th season in the Premier League for Man U has proven to be a successful page in history for the English pro footballers. Whats makes this season all the more interesting is that it is the first year under the guidance of Ole Gunner who became apart of the team in March 2019. The performance throughout the year will reflect on Gunner as well as determine a few factors regarding the new year, 2020.

Being one of the top league teams, Manchester United will be partaking in the Premier League, the UEFA Europa League, the EFL Cup and the FA Cup. These events draw the attention of hundreds of thousands of football fans as they watch their favourite teas progress through each match. While many may assume to know the predicted outcome of 2019, there have also been a few forecasts regarding the team’s progress for the upcoming year, 2020.

Manchester United is one of the most successful and popular football clubs since their establishment in 1878. The clubs long withstanding reputation puts them ahead of many other leagues. For this reason, sportsbooks hold codes,, and bettable matches, reigning in the big cash. It is also a contributing reason as to why future guides are so incredibly important to fans and bettors alike.

This year has proven eventful for the team thus far and judging by some of the events to have already taken place, there are a few projected predictions given by experts regarding 2020 and where Man U will be expected during this time period.

Manchester United Season Prediction

While the team goes forth from 2019 into the 2020 season, we watch as to how professionals make predictions regarding the upcoming close to the season and a new beginning to 2020. One of the biggest questions lurking in everyone’s minds is whether or not the Red Devils will have a better season than their summer performance. Although the team made it through to Europe in 2018, their performance wasn’t assuring and fans were hanging in on the bumpy ride.

The summer of 2018 was trying for the team and the manager was seeking more funding to buy in players but unfortunately, Jose Mourinho wasn’t backed in his decision by the board. Where the team lacked was in their defence and the club appeared vulnerable to all on the outside. While their 2018 English Premier League dented the reputation of Man U, losing plenty of points, the beginning to the 2019 season seemed more promising and in turn, put the spirit back in fans.

It has been predicted the Man U won’t take the English Premier League title, but that the Red Devils will make it into the top 4. Top sportsbooks are forecasting the odds and the chances of Man U claiming a spot in the top 4 is indeed realistic enough.

Some fans believe that in this season Manchester City and Liverpool will be in the top qualifiers and may even be harder for Man U to take them. Despite the challenges and difficulties the Reds face, Chelsea seems to be in a tighter spot, allowing Man U to take them on and claim a spot before the blues.

Although Arsenal may appear in a better position right now, it’s safe to say Man U will be practising in and out of season so taking Arsenal is realistic and in fact, expected by many fans.

Manchester on the UEFA Europa League

One of the biggest wins is the UEFA Europa League. It is one of the most competitive competitions and clubs train harder than usual to secure a winning shot at the trophy. Manchester United has the opportunity to win as they are placed in a position that many competing teams aren’t, but if they, for some reason, don’t do god enough in the EPL, this would be their qualifying opportunity. The odds have been set at 5.50, giving the Red Devils more than an average chance of winning the trophy.

The 2020 season is predicted to be better than the 2018 season judging by the team’s performance throughout 2019. The proof is in the players and the team is training hard to create a compelling team of reds, all of which have their supporters believing in the greatness of the current teams and with Ole Gunnar remaining on the team, there are even bigger hopes for Man U.

Some fans have predicted the manager may make some decisions to change up the team to solve 2018’s flaws and improve on the upcoming competitions and while many are happy with the current members of the reds, there are those who believe the only way to get through future competitions and win titles is by adding newer stronger players to the team. But only time will tell if lady luck is in favour of the reds come 2020.