Mourinho said in August:

“I have won eight titles, I am the only manager in the world that won in Italy, Spain and England.

“And after winning eight titles, not small titles, my second position last season is still one of my greatest achievements in football.”

Jose Mourinho came under a great scrutiny recently after his side lost against Brighton & Hove Albion with 3-0 defeat at home to Tottenham Hotspur. Still, there is no denying the fact that the Portuguese boss is one of the best managers of the current footballing world.

Pep Guardiola may have been extremely successful at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, however, both clubs were well-poised for success when he took over. Arsene Wenger managed to stay at Arsenal for more than 2 decades but his successes were slim during his later period. While Carlo Ancelotti greatly benefited by the groundwork laid by Mourinho himself.

Phenomenal successes during his first spell at Chelsea

There is no doubt about the great work of Jose Mourinho at Chelsea. He was the reason Chelsea won their first league title in fifty years. Amazingly, the Portuguese manager won the title for the Blues during his first season at the club. Then, he surprised everyone by winning back-to-back titles in just two years.

It is very notable to see the manner in which Chelsea won those two titles. Chelsea won the first season title by an incredible 95 points while the second by 91 points. It may also be argued that the additions of some great players like Arjen Robben, Didier Drogba, and Petr Cech really helped in securing such victories for Chelsea. However, what really made the difference was the tactical nous of Mourinho.

He brought his revolutionary tactics to the Premier League which greatly influenced the blueprint for success in England. He emphasized midfield superiority as crucial for victories. He made use of a formation that utilized a 5-man midfield instead of the 4-4-2 formation.

This change in formation worked greatly to the advantage of Mourinho’s Chelsea. The team conceded just 37 goals over their two seasons. Mourinho in his first three years with the Blues, recorded 124 matches won, drawing 38 and lost 22 matches in all outings.

Not a failure at Real Madrid

Mourinho left Chelsea after his relationship deteriorated with the club owner Roman Abramovic. He joined Inter Milan in 2008 where his successes continued. He led the club to an Italian treble victory after securing the domestic double as well as winning the Champions League title.

Jose Mourinho came to Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid) in 2010 and spent 3 years at the club. During that time he managed to win the Liga title and a Copa del Rey for Real Madrid.

Many consider it to be a failure on the part of Mourinho. However, his team was facing the best Barcelona team under Pep Guardiola. Still, he managed to leave behind that Barcelona team for one season.

Real Madrid won the Liga title in the 2011-12 season after Mourinho greatly improved the Madrid team. That title-winning season, Real Madrid amassed a record-breaking 100 points. The three years stint also saw Mourinho recorded 178 matches won, draw 28 and lost 23 matches in all outings.

The Second spell at Chelsea

Jose Mourinho then returned to Chelsea for the 2013-14 season. He openly declared that season that his team would not win the Premier League title. Chelsea finished 3rd at the end of the season.
Though after that transitional season for Chelsea, he won the 2014-15 season with the difference of 8 points from the nearest rivals Manchester City. That season Chelsea only lost three matches in the league and he was named as Premier League Manager of the Season.

This two-year stint, Chelsea under Mourinho, won 80 matches, draw 27 matches and lost 29 matches in all outings.

First season with Manchester United

Mourinho has never had the best of his time with the Red Devils so far but the Portuguese gaffer in his first season with United, won the Community Shield as well as guarding the club left for ruin at the hands of Louis van Gaal and David Moyes to Europa League title as well as ending the season with 69 points and sixth on the Premier League table.

He was also the reason why likes of Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (free), Nemanja Matic, Eric Bailly, Romelu Lukaku joined the club despite no Champions League football.

Despite Man United’s recent poor results, Mourinho has the lowest number of players – 38 – in his team so far in his entire career with the Old Trafford club unlike with other teams he managed where he amassed great results with a team above 45 players. So far so good, the Red Devils boast of 76 matches with won with the Portuguese gaffer, draw 25 matches and lost 23 matches in all outings.

That said, United’s last outing was away at Turf Moor against Burnley F.C. and earn all three points with a 2-0 victory. Next up will be away against Watford F.C at the Vicarage Road and Mourinho would place faith in his players for another three great points on Saturday evening.

*Stats were according to Transfermkt