Manchester City
Manchester City celebrates goal

Like the saying, once you are at the top people can’t wait to shoot you down, something which Manchester City might just find out of their cost this season; but there’s one way to prove your title winning credentials and that’s to do it again and again.

In total, 11 clubs in the First Division and Premier League history have successfully defender their title, some are even more than once; so if City are to prove they are real, deal they will need to make it 12 in order to join one of the most elite clubs in English football. But here, Football Weeks have highlighted four clubs the Citizen should try and imitate this season.

Manchester United

With seven top-flight title defences Manchester United currently hold the record when it comes to defending the championship. After the Red Devils won the league back in 1956, the “Busby Babes” won it 12 months later but failed to achieve this feat until 1994. The Red Devils recorded another back-to-back league title in 1996 and 1997 as well as winning three times in three years at the turn of the new millennium under Sir Alex Ferguson when United were crowned Premier League champions in 2007, 2008 and 2009.


With 18 league titles to their name, the Merseysiders have enjoyed five successful defences. Liverpool first came in 1923 after they’d won their fourth league championship and Liverpool defend the title four times between 1976 and 1984 as the Reds were crowned champions for an astonishing seven times in nine seasons. Although they finished top of the pile again three times before the end of the ’80s each of these triumphs was followed by a second place finish.


Herbert Chapman lead Arsenal to their first title in 1931 but the Gunners could only finish second behind Everton a year later. However, Arsenal challenged for the title in 1933 and, despite the death of Champman in early 1934, the Gunners successfully defended their title that same month with George Allison as their new boss – who was the Gunners second longest serving manager – before successfully winning a hat-trick of titles in 1935.


Chelsea won their first league title in 1955 but the Blues had to wait until half a century before being crowned league champions again when they won the Premier League title in 2005. Chelsea had luck on their side with the appointment of Jose Mourinho who guarded them to being crowned as champions again in 2006.