Alvaro Morata according to the Independent has insisted he’s ready to prove wrong those critics who are already “killing me” following his penalty miss in Chelsea’s last weekend’s Community Shield.

The former Real Madrid striker completed his £70m Bernanbeu to Stamford Bridge earlier this summer and is expected to replace his compatriot Diego Costa as the Blues’ main forward man.

Morata’s high transfer fee has subsequently seen the play fall under scrutiny, with some critics quick to question the player’s ability following his penalty-kick miss in Sunday’s Community Shield defeat against Arsenal.

The 24-year-old has admitted that he has already noted the intense interest surrounding him but insists he is ready to prove his worth. Asked by Marca if the price-tag concerned him, the Spaniard replied: “I admit it’s a very big amount, but I have the personality to play quietly and go my way.

“I have had only two pre-season games, 15 competitive minutes and a missed penalty… and they’re already killing me, so I know what’s ahead.

“It is the price that must be paid for such a large transfer. And it’s something that motivates me and makes me work harder every day. I know twice as many people are paying attention to me.”

Morata has also set himself the target of scoring more than 20 goals for the season ahead.

He added: “I want to score more than 20. It’s my job. But it is not an obsession for me ahead of winning titles for the team. For example, when I was with Juventus I did not score more than 20 goals.

“But I won all the titles except for the Champions League. I have scored 15 or 16 goals and won titles. And other strikes have scored 35 and not won anything.”

The Spain international also revealed that it was Antonio Conte’s interest in him which persuaded him to make the move to west London.

“I knew Conte loved me,” he revealed. “I had talked to him many times. In a way, I felt indebted to him because I signed for Juventus and he had to go.

“Actually, at first I did not realise I was so interested in signing, but when I found out about their interest I did not hesitate. It was my preferred move.”