Chelsea football club owner, Román Abramóvich is among our top list of top ten richest clubs owner in the world. We also have the likes of Arsenal, Manchester City and the likes on the list.

Running a football club could be a bed of roses, and sometimes strenuous, but it is duty not for an average person. So here is a list of the top 10 richest club owners in the world that has been rounds on popular viral sites. Undoubtedly, some personnel on this list will definitely give you a jolt.

  1. Joe Lewis (Tottenham Hotspur)

Business Tycoon Joe Lewis comfortably sit on the tenth position of our list. A fortune estimated at 4.800.000.000 euros gives him the luxury of governing a club as big as Tottenham Hotspur. Being the main investor of private investment organization Tavistock Group, he is ranked 6th wealthiest person in UK. However, White Hart Lane is quite a distance from where he calls home in Bahamas.

  1. Shahid Khan (Fulham FC)

A Pakistani-American who relocated to the United States aged 16 to study, his survival at the time was dependent on a dishwashing job he did at a restaurant. Now his wealth of 5.400.000.000 euros can get him all the bliss he desires after he grew the company, Flex-N-Gate, he bought from his former employers into a multimillion business. With all his financial capacity, it is weird to witness Fullham failing in the second tier of English football, Championship. It begs the question, is Sahid Kahn managing well the affairs of the club?

  1. Silvio Berlusconi (AC Milan)

Silvio Berlusconi is a household name. A worldwide business magnate, he bought the AC Milan club in 1986. He is also an active politician and was the Prime Minister in Italy in four governments and also a controlling shareholder of Mediaset. His net worth is stated to be around 5.600.000.000 euros.

  1. Román Abramóvich (Chelsea FC)

Abramovich, along with his oil fortune took over the reins at Chelsea in 2003 and since then, his fortune has had a positive effect in the London club. Reinforcing the Blues squad with good quality players has posed no problem for him with a fortune of 6.900.000.000 euros at his disposal. This got them the Champions League trophy in 2012.

  1. Stanley Kroenke (Arsenal)

An ardent sport lover, a fact quite obvious from his ownership of Kroenke Sports &entertainment, he is also the owner of the Denver Nuggets in the NBA, the Colorado Rapids in the MLS, the Colorado Avalanche in the NHL and the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL.

  1. Dmitry Rybolovlev (AS Monaco)

Also a lover of sport, he got his primary fame for participating in the ‘divorce of the century’ where he was asked to pay a settlement of euros to his former wife, Elena. Dabbling into sport at first, he had interest in buying Manchester United, but his plan did not come to fruition. He has a fortune of about 8.500.000.000 euros.

  1. Philip Anschutz (LA Galaxy)

His fortune of 8.800.000.000 euros placed him in the 38th position on Forbes’ list of wealthiest person in the U.S. He amassed his wealth, which made him have ownership right at the LA Galaxy, from his dealings in oil. Philip is also the president of the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL.

  1. Dietrich Mateschitz (NY Red Bulls)

The man gracing the third place on our list can comfortably lay claim to euros in his bank account. The Austrian investor co-founded the Red Bull energy drink, which he named his team after, holding 49% of the company shares. He also governs the Formula 1 racing team Red Bull Racing.

  1. François Pinault (Stade Rennais)

The owner of Stade Rennais presides over a business empire of 60 company including Puma, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. With a net worth of over euros, he should be able to help his club improve the quality of their play, seeing as their poor performance keeps them in the middle of the French football League Ligue 1.

  1. Sheikh Mansour (Manchester City)

Popularly known as Sheikh Mansour, he controls the City football group which is made up of Manchester City F.C, Melbourne City F.C and New York City F.C. Having a fortune of no less than euros makes him one of the richest people in the world. He is a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi. Like Berlusconi is a politician and currently holds the office of the Prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, and has stakes in companies like Virgin Galactic and Sky News Saudia Arabia.