Premier League heads into business end soon and the competition at both ends of the points table is becoming more charged. Chelsea are sitting comfortably at the top of the table, while Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United are all struggling for a top four finish. Down at the table, the battle is waxing stronger as 6 clubs are currently close to relegation.

Watford in 13th are a bit clear from the danger zone while Bournemouth at 14th is where the real danger lies as they are just six points off relegation. Swansea, Crystal Palace and Leicester City are 4,2 and 1 points off relegation respectively while Middlesbrough, Hull City and Sunderland occupies the last three places. Their remaining fixture would be the main determinant in their race to avoid relegation, but here is a prediction of what the relegation might result in at the end of the season:

Swansea had a great start to this year after having made some reasonable changes to their Squad. They had a turn around, picking up 9 points from 4 games including triumph against Liverpool, Southampton, and Leicester. Their remaining matches are against lesser clubs, so they are expected to finish the season fairly.

Bournemouth are the safest from the drop but they still have 4 matches against the top club. They also have fixture against the bottom three and they should be able to triumph against them and secure a place for themselves in the Premier League next season.
Middlesbrough have been on a loosing streak since the beginning of the year, not having a single victory. Still, their draws in some game, is holding them together. In Their remaining fixtures, the Aitor Karanka’s side will be playing against 4 of the top -6 club and also 4 of the bottom 6 which would reveal what fate has in store for them.

The reigning Champion Leicester City are yet to sign a replacement for former coach Claudio Ranieri who have led the club to numerous defeat but the Foxes are competitive and still has games against almost every team surrounding them in the points table but their their success should be guaranteed under the new manager

The most probable for relegation, Crystal Palace, Hull City and Sunderland have to give it all they have if they have any hope to avoid relegation. The Tigers have recently had a good form but they would have to go the extra mile to move out of the danger zone.

Sam Allardyce is going to fight hard for Crystal Palace but the odds are against them as they are yet to go up against 5 of the top-6 in the points table. Their only hope lies in winning games against lower sides but still relegation seems to be a sure thing for them.

Sunderland currently occupies 20th position in the points table and there is no escaping relegation for them this season. They have shown no desire to win and still yet to go up against Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea. They also have games with team around them before the end of the season. They are not shown any consistency and their move to Championship seems to be unavoidable.

The relegation battle this season will be charged up as teams in the fight against relegation still have to face off with each other. At this point, Palace, Sunderland, and Middlesbrough are the most likely for relegation but the unexpected might happen.