Alexis Sanchez’s future has been uncertain since the start of the season and seeing his doubts regarding his contract extension, it is fair to say that the Gunners are in big trouble. They have witnessed and are big responsible of the revival of Alexis’ career during his years in London, and the Chilean midfielder has had great moments playing at Emirates, but now, as we said, his future is far from clear.

There have been several teams interested in acquiring the services of the Chilean playmaker, both in England and out of the island, as well. Most of those teams are very big ones not only in Europe but around the world, and this might be the biggest reason why Alexis is not sure about his stay at Arsenal.

Teams like Manchester City or Juventus have been linked with Alexis in the last months, and now another team has joined the race to sign the former Barcelona player either this winter transfer window or in the summer. Even if they’re not in their best moment, they think Alexis can lead the team to start reaching meaningful things in the near future, since they have an ambitious project and need a leader to carry it out.

Inter Milan is reportedly interested in Alexis, and that’s definitely one of the most surprising rumours right now, seeing the current moment both parties are having. Inter is not the same team it used to be, that one which won 5 “Scudetto” consecutively, and that one which won the Champions League displaying an outrageous game in the process.

However they’re not that team anymore, Inter has a wonderful history and this can attract talented players, like it did with Mauro Icardi or Geoffrey Kondogbia, but in Sanchez’s case, this couldn’t help the “Neroazzurro” to take this playmaker to its ranks. Perhaps a large number of people can think this could mean a huge improvement in Inter’s game, but it won’t be the same in Alexis’. Here are three reasons why Sanchez to Inter makes no sense.

Inter is a rebuilding team

sanchez not going anywhere

Yes, they have a couple of seasons doing it, but it doesn’t mean they’ve finished the job. Inter is finding the shape they used to have in when they dominated both Italy and Europe, and Alexis doesn’t need that. He surely rebuilt himself at Arsenal, but now he is trying to find other challenges more than rebuild a team.

They aren’t main eventers

It might be painful, but is the true. Inter are trying to reach European spots like Europa League’s, but right now they aren’t fighting for the title like Juventus or Napoli. Following the previous line, Sanchez wants to play and fight for winning the Champions League, not to struggle at Europa League.

He counts with better offers in Italy

Even if Inter is one of the most important teams in Italy, right now Juventus is the best one, and seeing the interest showed by Massimiliano Allegri’s team for Sanchez, he would definitely pick Juventus over Inter if he wanted to go to Italy.