Are the Brazilians the Favourites to win the World Cup?

The South Americans are considered the favourites in the eyes of many football pundits as well as by some market agents in the gaming markets.

But could Brazil really go all the way and lift the trophy after 20 years? The sixth title has become a national obsession in Brazil, and a lot of things unfolded so far before the quarter-finals just the way they needed.

However, there still are some challenges out there that the Brazilians must overcome to bring back to their homeland the World Cup. Find here everything about this discussion and how Brazil can win the World Cup.

What Worked for Brazil so Far

Brazil had a few good elements that must be celebrated. The injury of Neymar in the opening game against Serbia could be a deal breaker as it happened in 2014. The team was mature enough to focus on the talent of players like Vini Jr and Richarlison who are in incredible form at the club level.

Tite could even have used Rodrygo in a more similar role compared with what he does for Ancelotti in Madrid, but the Brazilian winger / striker / midfielder helped Tite as a central midfielder in a very efficient way.

The Full Backs

However, there are some challenges that Brazil will face before eventually winning the World Cup. Considering the options available to Tite, limited by the squad that he called with just Danilo, Dani Alves, Alex Telles and Alex Sandro as full-backs, we can say that the defensive system still needs to be exposed to real danger.

Dani Alves was uninspiring against Cameroon and also seemingly unreliable in the eyes of anyone who watched the game that I know of.

Danilo had good moments playing as a left-back against South Korea, mostly due to his performances as a left centre-back in a line of 3 in Italy with Juventus.

But I’m still sceptical that if Militão needs to mark Mbappé as a Left Winger, things could go South for Brazil, for example.

Not Depending so Much on Neymar?

Some journalists sparked a debate in Brazil before their debut in the World Cup that maybe Vini Jr was the big name of this World Cup for Brazil, and not Neymar.

While he still has a psychological effect on the adversaries, it’s fair to say Vini Jr, Raphinha, Richarlison and Casemiro as probably the key names of Brazil so far in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

If not Brazil, then who?

Well, I believe Brazil is the favourite to reach the final in their ‘side’ of the bracket, while I believe we’ll see the other finalist being the winner of the big game between France and England.

I see Argentina as a rather fragile team compared with Brazil, although a derby between these teams could be very levelled.

Do I agree with the current perception of the chances of Brazil, that is, Brazil being the clear favourites to win the trophy? I disagree. In my opinion, France and England deserve the faith of the fans just like Brazil in spite of their big clash between them.