Safe Pick – Harry Kane vs. Everton

This man needs no introduction! With back to back hat-tricks in GW 19-20 Kane should be the safest of the lot. Though he disappointed his owners in the DGW 22, still he will be the most captained of them all because of his pedigree. This season he scores zero or more than one but the chances are he will at least get a brace with that porous Everton defence who are on a free downfall right now. If you are atop the rankings then he is a no brainer captain pick and safest of them all.

Risky Pick- Richarlison vs. Southampton

The young Brazilian must be the stuff of dreams for those Hornet fans. He has been Watford’s best player and has taken the league by storm. He already has 5 goals and 8 assists so far and looks set for many more. Only thing I don’t like about Richarlison is all his missed chances but if you cap him on the day he sticks those chances in the net you will be laughing all the way to the bank with many FPL Points. He does not have many bonus points so don’t rely on that.

Form Pick- Jesse Lingard vs. Stoke City

This man is on fire isn’t it? If 70 points from last 9 matches (He did not even start all) doesn’t mean form then I don’t know what will. His next opponent is the team who everyone bashes – STOKE CITY. You heard it right the team which has already shipped 19 goals in their last 7 matches is there for the taking. Also everyone loves a Monday night captain. You can’t go wrong with this pick.

Differential Pick – Eden Hazard vs. Leicester

Just when everyone sold Hazard, he springs to life. Such an enigma he is. Just when you think he won’t score points, he goes out and scores 10 points out of nowhere. This week he faces a Leicester defence who are known to concede lots of goals when put under pressure. Hazard was also rested for the drab FA Cup match vs. Norwich so he will have his hands full. What more, he is a bonus point magnet, so expect him to score those additional points for your team.

City Pick – De Bruyne vs. Liverpool

Would this even be worth reading if I did not include some sort of City coverage? To be fair to everyone, the highest scoring team in the league should always have a representation whichever team they face. Its anybody guess who will score more out of Sterling, Aguero, Sanchez, Sane, Kevin De bruyne. Oh I just mentioned Sanchez and City in the same breath. What a team they will be when the Chilean joins. Out of those exciting options my pick is Kevin De Bruyne and this guy is just amazing. This season he has already grabbed 6 goals and 11 assists with 19 bonus points. Even with Van Djik in Liverpool defence I expect City to outscore Liverpool in a high scoring match.

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This article was written by Sagar Chowdhry