Former Tottenham Hotspur manager turned pundit, Tim Sherwood, has said that England striker Harry Kane will leave Spurs next summer if the club fail to win a trophy this year.

Sherwood also claimed that wining the League Cup wouldn’t be enough – that it would have to be the FA Cup or the Premier League.

Talking on Sky Sports, Tim Sherwood said: “There’s only so much loyalty someone can show.

“Tottenham have been a great club for Harry and he’s been paying them back tenfold.

Harry Kane has been outstanding over the last couple of seasons, he grew up a youngster for Tottenham and he loves the club.

“But that only lasts a certain amount of time. Then he starts seeing the pound signs and sees the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid or – dare I say it – Manchester United – and then your head gets turned.

“The only way they can keep him is to win something this year. That something might not be the Carabao Cup, it might have to be the league or the FA Cup.”

F/W’s view

Without any doubts, Harry Kane is Tottenham through and through, but the former Spurs boss is right his former side don’t pay market wages and they haven’t won a trophy since the League Cup back in 2008. The accumulation of the League Cup isn’t great for a player that is widely ranked to be world class, and in the top ten, possibly five, strikers in the world. The trophy has even less relevance in today’s footballing world, perhaps Sherwood is right that this wouldn’t be enough.

Winning the FA Cup is possible for Mauricio Pochettino side – the Premier League and the Champions League would be very tough. There was some talk about Kane interesting the top European sides last summer but this will increase next year. And if Spurs finished outside of the top four, and the Champions League, it probably would be all over. It’s tough to imagine Tottenham without Kane. Spurs fans will be hoping it’s not a reality they have to address.