Most Premier League clubs were busy in the transfer market last season and there have been pointers that there would be repeat of such occurrence this summer. There are a lots of players who are hot property in the market and one such player who the top clubs are in pursuit of is Everton Star Romelu Lukaku.

Being the second highest goal scorer in the Premier League with 24 goals, behind Harry Kane, Lukaku is known for having one of the best finishing touches in Europe. According to on Liverpool Echo, he claims that he wants to move away from Everton to a club that can offer him Champions League football and there are lots of clubs willing to make him a regular in their team next season.

“You cannot only be remembered by scoring goals, you want to be remembered by winning trophies at the end of the day.

“So instead of living in the past, you have to think ahead. How this club has to grow, how this club has to improve, which player does it want to bring in so you can challenge for the big trophies.

“Sometimes I will speak to Vincent Kompany who was at City when it all happened. He said, ‘Rom, one summer I just came in and boom, boom, boom, boom… Robinho from there, that guy came in, this guy came in, this guy came in (clicking fingers) and then everyone was criticising them but at the end they won league titles, FA Cup here, League Cups there.

“That is what we want as players.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what the board’s plan is. I don’t really know.

According to reports, Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United and Antonio Conte’s Chelsea are the topping the list of club wanting to sign Lukaku this summer. The Red Devils have a chance to land a spot in the Champions League if they can move past Ajax in the European League final while Chelsea’s spot in the competition is unshaken.

Everton are ambitious and will no doubt strive hard for a top four finish next season but there is more guarantee of regular chance in the top competition with both United and City and a move looks certain this summer. But what is more shocking is the price tag attached to the 24-year-old Belgian.

The Premier League rules is responsible for the high value placed on English players, as can be observed in the cases of Raheem Sterling and John Stones. However, Lukaku, though good at his business, he is hardly worth his exorbitant fee.

Reports by Daily Mirror made it known that Everton have attached a price tag of £100m to the player and though it was reported that the two league clubs are willing to pay as much for him, the fee is a bit on the high side.

The likes of Antonio Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe and others are considered as the best in the game worldwide and are expected to override the £100m barrier in transfers this summer but Lukaku does not fit in the same category as the afore mentioned players

Lukaku is one of the best players at Goodison Park and has been so ever since he joined the team two years back. He has been a prolific goal scorer even in the previous season but leading a team in the Champions League is way out of his league and he might not be as productive in the European competition as he was in the Premier League

He has had no experience at the highest level and paying out £100m for a player whose capability is untested is not a wise decision for any club.

Lukakau’s price tag is uncalled for and though some might take it as no big deal, it is important for the English club to know the value of their purchase in the transfer market. It would be more profitable to spend such amount on a more established player.