Arsenal are one of the club in the country that are set to make wholesale changes this summer. The Gunners poor run recently has led to so much confusion and uncertainly around Emirates Stadium this season and there is every chance that the Gunners would be now, be on the search for top class talents. Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus have been identified as one of the perfect ideal for the North London club, but how has the German international fared in the Bundesliga in comparison between Chilean international Alexis Sanchez at the Emirates? Here is a comparison between Reus and Sanchez for their respective teams in the domestic leagues.

Sanchez Vs Reus

Marco Reus (L) and Alexis Sanchez (R)

The German international has not been able to keep himself fit with his side again and has only made 11 appearances in the Bundesliga this season compared to that of Sanchez who has notched 29 appearances at the Emirates. Reus has a record of 76% from Reus which is slightly better than Sanchez who has 74% this season but there is not much separating the two forwards in terms of other numbers this season.

Sanchez has bagged 18 goals in the league this season and Reus has not been as productive and has just seen the net twice in the Bundesliga. The German international, however, has notched up an assist every two games compared to Sanchez’s one in every three games. While the Chilean has played more than two key passes a game on an average, Reus has just 1.67 per 90 minutes this campaign. The former Barcelona forward has also created 2.58 chances a game but the German winger is not too far behind, having created 18 chances at a rate of 2.15 per game.

German winger has been slightly more accurate with his shooting but Sanchez trumps Reus when it comes to one on one situations. With a successful take on rate of 66.94%, Sanchez is right up there with the best in Europe while Reus, who is equally capable, has amassed just 48.5% of his take ons this season. The Chilean has also won more than 51% of his total duels this season while his counterpart stands as slightly less than that, at 50% mark.

Talking about defensive play, Sanchez is easily a harder worker than Reus which is clear from these numbers. However, there is a record of 0.72 interceptions per game this season, compared to that of Sanchez who has 0.59 per game. Sanchez tends to cover more ground than what the German usually does in the Bundesliga. Therefore, it is not a surprise the Arsenal forward has been booked with five yellows this season compared to just the one for Reus.

The duo are closely matched, thus luring the German in alongside Sanchez at the Emirates would be a match made in heaven.

With the Gunners series of poor run, tell us why you think Arsenal will sign Marco Reus in the summer?