Who wants to be a football referee?! Well, when you learn about how much they supposedly earn, all the abuse you are likely to receive over the course of 90 minutes might actually become rather easy to ignore.

Indeed, being the man/woman in the middle can be an unenviable job and one that some would perhaps suggest is crazy to do, whilst others would simply have to commend those that do it as we’ve all heard what gets said to them in the stands, on the sidelines and when you’re watching the game in the pub whilst browsing legalni-bukmacherzy.eu for the best available bonus offers.

Hell, it is not even just the fans that appear to have time to throw shade at the officials, with ex-officials even appearing to throw those that work in the same profession under the bus as soon as they can.

However, with that said, it does appear that referees are well compensated when it comes down to it, although that can never be considered a way of condoning the abuse that is thrown their way.

According to GiveMeSport, who has used data that has been collected by sportekz and Sporting Free, it has been claimed that the best referees can earn a fee of up to £1,500 per match, which is in addition to the salary that they receive on an annual basis.

That salary is said to range from £70,000 and up to £200,000, which is also thought not to include the yearly retainer of between £38,500 to £42,000, either.

Assistant referees are though to earn a salary of £30,0000 whilst also collecting match fees of £850, whilst the highly controversial Video Assistant Referees also pick up an extra £850 per match.

Indeed, there seems to be a couple of referees within the Premier League that are currently able to earn the biggest money available, whilst others might want to try and make the most of a betting bonus when they are not involved in the sport anymore to help their money go a little further.

Martin Atkinson, Michael Oliver, and Mike Dean are all said to be earning £200,000 per year as their basic salary, whilst it appears the majority of referees are on a base of $70,000. Interestingly, some are earning £48,000 which still isn’t a bad figure.

Those that head out to Europe and referee in midweek matches such as in the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League will also be able to top up their earnings significantly, with it claimed those in the elite category able to earn up to £7,500 per match whilst we’d imagine any of their expenses are also paid for!