Biography and opinions on Football from a passionate football coach and a former goalkeeper by Xhulio Zeneli.

My name is Xhulio Zeneli, I am 20 years old.I want to tell my story about football, related to my passion to become a football coach. I started to play football, my role was a goolkeeper, when I was 10 years old, then I realized it was not possible to be a footballer for different reason.

I did not want to leave the football because it is my passion and so I decided to start my coaching path when I was 13 years old. My first job was in Tirana(Albania) with a club called “Fk Dinamo Tirana.”

I became the assistent coach of the u12 team of Dinamo, and for I thank Andrea Marko who was my coach when I was a player for the oppurtunity that he gave to me. There I started to work in 2010, for 3 years until the 2013. My first experience as a coach gived to me so much, taught to me a lot of things to form my culture as a coach, and will help me so much in my future.

In 2013 I started another stage of my coach career, I did for 2 years assistant coach in the youth team of “Ks Ali Demi”, in the u14 team that helped to me a lot and it made me grow in character and my idea of coach. The 2015 was a very important year for me, because when I was 17 years old I had the opportunity thanks to my family to go to London to do the course for coach “Level 1 Course for Coach” organised by the English Federation of Football(FA).

The course was 1 month, for this reason I took permision from the school to go to do the course. The course taught me very important things as the technical part, tactical part, physical part, medical part. In the course were 36 participant from different countries, and I was the youngest in the course, also in the course they told to me that I was the first Albanian that has done the coach course in England.

When I came back in Tirana after some months I started to work as a coach with the youth team u10 of Dinamo Tirana, and since 2016 until 2017 I worked with the u12 team of Dinamo Tirana. In 2017 when I was 20 years  I did “The Level 2 Course for Coach” in London divided on some months. In October 2017 I had another opportunity and started to work with the u14 of Dinamo Tirana.


Through these years of my young career I have won different cups. I had the opportunity during this years to work with different coaches that have taught to me so much and helped me so much in my development as a coach, and I thanks all of them for the opportunity that have gived to me. My idol is Jose Mourinho.

I also thank my family for the support they give to me. I will continue to do my courses for coach in England and I will continue to work hard for my career as a coach because my intension is to become the best.

I know that it is difficult for a boy from a small country to achieve this things but my dream it is that in future I can have the opportunity to coach in one of the best championships in Europe.

You can reach out to Xhulio Zeneli via his Facebook account by clicking on the link.