Manchester United have announced the re-signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic; just months after the former Paris Saint-Germain man bagged significant knee damage.

Ibrahimovic saw his first in the Premier League come to an early ending. In the Europa League game against Anderlecht, a terrible challenge left both of his knees severely damaged. After undergoing surgery in the United States, he has made record recovery time.

For example, Ibrahimovic was projected to miss a year of game time. However, Ibrahimovic is making a return to the Premier League in the same year that he acquired his injuries. Now, the Red Devils can look an even more dangerous side with two proven goal scorers on one roaster. Mourinho has multiple weapons under his belt, and there is no reason why Manchester United can not challenge for the Premier League title.

Personally, I feel as if Ibrahimovic’s new contract is well-deserved. He was the Red Devils’ top scorer last season. In addition, he was always the man Mourinho could turn to when a goal was needed. In fact, it would be a mistake by the Portuguese boss if he did not at least consider re-signing the team’s highest goal scorer.

Now, the Swede will come back to a more complete United squad. There are areas of the starting eleven that lacked last season, but there is a reason why the former Chelsea manager signed Nemanja Matic. Perhaps, it is entirely possible that he will score more often.

When he finally makes his return to football, it is likely that Mourinho will play him and Lukaku as duo. Most likely, formation will be best suited for the team. However, Mourinho likes playing with wingers, so maybe he will rotate two strikers.

The former Sweden captain injury was a gruesome one. It was an injury that left United supporters with heavy hearts, but all of that heartache can finally end. The Swedish striker is now a United man again, and it is safe to say that all eyes are on Zlatan and his remarkable knees.