Claudio Ranieri lost his job as Leicester City manager nine month after leading the English club to victory in Premier League last season.

But it should come as no surprise as the Italian had it coming.
Since winning the title last year, Leicester have been highly inconsistent and now risk going on relegation. Ranieri managerial skills has seen the club on a downward slope and thereby losing their status.

The Italian’s praise was sung in the summer. Leading Leicester to triumph was a great achievement that will forever be remembered in the history of both Leicester City and English football. But he must also take responsibility for the performance his team put up this campaign. Their performance this season will go down in history as the poorest and most unsatisfactory performance a team has ever put up in a title campaign.

How it all started

There have been signs of deterioration right from summer.
The first mistake Ranieri made was not aiming high. He publicly revealed at the beginning of this term that he had set a goal of 40 points in the Premier League for his team.

He only aims at avoiding relegation

By setting a standard that low, it was almost like saying their title winning last season was just luck and they should not hope the same to happen. It comes as no surprise when the best team in England started having a loosing streak just as predicted by their manager.

The Second mistake happened when the Foxes sold their best player N’Golo Kante to Chelsea. The French man was a big part of their success the previous season. He would have helped them out of the crises to an extent.

Ranieri remains the only manager who has limited the ability of his team by setting a standard of 40 points and also sell his best player.

Leicester started the campaign as a champion but the negative attitude of the manager killed their ambition, affecting his players with his negativity.