A win over Tottenham on Wednesday will open up eight points gap at the top of the table with Liverpool in the 2nd position. The question now is can any team catch up with Antonio Conte’s men? Six of the last seven champions had topped the table at Xmas.

Chelsea impressive winning run has seen them defeating every team they have come up against in the last 13 league matches. Something Liverpool has struggled with. While the Blues have defeated Burnley, Bournemouth and Sunderland, the Reds have dropped points against them.

Liverpool have only been brilliant at beaten top teams, including Chelsea earlier this season. They would have been three points ahead of Chelsea had they picked up points against those three teams.

Though not every time but it is easier to beat team at the lower side of the table but Liverpool have found that difficult to achieve in the past few years.

Last season, Liverpool lost to Crystal Palace, Swansea and Watford, and picked just one point against Newcastle as they finished eight. The season prior to that saw them lost to Crystal Palace twice, Hull City, Newcastle and Aston Villa which made finished outside the top four.

In 2013, they lost to Hull City and dropped and dropped points against Newcastle and West Brom before throwing away 3 goal lead to draw with Crystal Palace which completely dented their title hopes that season.

Though Liverpool have impressive this season, their record against lower teams have not really fared better. And they have to improve on that.