Sadio v Ederson red card against Man City: How the football world reacted

Liverpool winger Sadio Mane’s dismissal in the first half of Saturday’s 5-0 drubbing at Manchester City split opinion in the football world.

Here is how the football world to the red-card incident, which led to home goalkeeper Ederson leaving the field on a stretcher.

Liverpool’s and Senegalese winger Sadio Mane’s dismissal in the first half of Saturday’s 5-0 mauling at Manchester City raise opinion in the football world.

Football Weeks has highlighted the best quote from former and present football pundits around the globe reacted to the red-card incident, which led to home goalkeeper Ederson leaving the field on a stretcher.

“Rubbish decision to send off Mane. Rubbish.” — Match of the Day host Gary Lineker, who added on Twitter: “Both players running at each other at high speed. He’s just trying to flick the ball like any striker would.”

“It’s a red card. He had his eyes on the ball, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t endangering his opponent. He hasn’t tried to do him. If anything it’s Ederson’s quickness off the line that’s got him sent off. I thought he was in [to score], but if you don’t get there, with a boot that high, and clash with his head, it’s a red card. It took a few angles, and I needed convincing because I didn’t think it at first.” — Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports.

“I don’t think that is a red card. His eyes are on the ball, it’s ridiculous. He wins that challenge, the goal is there for him. It wasn’t one of those where you think the goalkeeper is the favourite. He does well to get out, and his foot is high. Jon Moss, you have just ruined the game there. He didn’t need to give a red card. He could have given a yellow. I think he’s got it wrong. The reason Ederson is injured is because his back three have ridiculously tried to play the offside.” — Gary Neville on Sky Sports.

“It was an easy decision. It’s a red card. Intent is not relevant.” — former Premier League referee Graham Poll on BT Sport.

“Mane. Makes genuine attempt for [ball emoji]. A contact sport now refereed with over sensitive interpretation rather than common sense. No red.” — former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore on Twitter.

“Can’t believe there’s a discussion about the red card. Mane goes to head it and is late, yellow. Goes with a head high foot, no brainer.” — former Newcastle and West Ham goalkeeper Shaka Hislop on Twitter.

“Feel for Mane clearly had his eyes on the ball and made a legitimate attempt for the ball…..but it’s a red!” — former Chelsea defender Jason Cundy on Twitter.

“Top goalkeeping from @ManCity keeper Ederson, bravery and conviction. No argument for Mane sending off. #MCILIV” – former England goalkeeper David James on Twitter.

“Gotta challenge for that but high foot and dangerous so red for me #Mane” — former England winger Trevor Sinclair on Twitter.

“Difficult decision for for the ref in City vs Liv. My opinion Mane has to go for he ball, it’s outside the box and his eyes were on the ball” — former Scotland international Alan Brazil on Twitter.

“Yes Mane caught him and unfortunate to see extent of injury to Gk but he went for the ball honestly to get there first to potentially score” — former Liverpool striker Neil Mellor on Twitter.

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